The Canadian Pork Council, with support from l'Institut de technologie agroalimentaire, Ontario Pork, Fédération des producteurs de porcs du Québec and the Atlantic Swine Research Partnership, has designed and implemented a 2-year project to increase awareness of the benefits that farmstead shelterbelts can offer the Eastern Canadian pork industry. The program is designed to promote the establishment of shelterbelt systems both at existing hog production sites ans to consider shelterbelt plantings in the planning stages for newly constructed sites. The program has been funded through the Greencover Canada Technocal Assistance program. For the purpose of this project, l'Institut de technologie agroalimentaire, campus La Pocatière, has developed a farmer's guide, a consultant's guide, a website and a CD-ROM covering all aspects of shelterbelt implementation around hog barns, from planning to maintenance.

*NEW* NVCA Workshop webinar January, 2012