1. Multi-fonctionality in Agriculture: Origin of the Concept - André Vézina - Centre d'expertise sur les produits agroforestiers (CEPAF)
  2. Benefits of Windbreaks for Crops and the Environment - John Kort, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada - Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (AAFC - PFRA)
  3. Sheltterbelt Implementation & Maintenance: A Short Review - André Vézina, CEPAF
  4. Farmers Concerns with Windbreaks the GRCA Perspective - Nathan Munn, Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA)
  5. Trees for Mapleton - A Good New Story - Paul Day, Trees of Mapleton
  6. Vegetative Barriers to Pesticide Drift - Jason Deveau, Application Technology Specialist, Horticulture Technology, (OMAFRA)
  7. Selection and Arrangement of Plants for Protecting Crops in Eastern Canada - André Vézina, CEPAF
  8. Multifunctional Windbreaks: Shelterbelts and Buffer Strips - Brad Peterson, AAFC - PFRA
  9. Multifunctional Field Windbreaks: Can it be Profitable - André Vézina, CEPAF and Brad Peterson, AAFC - PFRA
  10. Panel Discussion - Questions and Answers